Need a Home Theater System Installation?

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From small bedroom TVs on a nightstand to the 150” projection screen we have in our showroom, we can meet all your Television needs. We connect your cable box, DVD, Blu-Ray, Media Server and more to a universal remote that you can access from an iPad or wireless devices.


Do you have 5 remotes sitting on your table?

We consolidate your remotes so you'll only ever need one Ipad.

  • Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu

  • Switch between Cable, Satellite TV and more

  • Change the volume for your home theater

  • Find channels and bookmark favorites 

  • Control streaming devices like Roku

  • Adjust lighting, Drapes, and Music

Quickly watch your favorite movie with our universal remote:


Additionally, we support multiple tablets or smartphones so all members of your household can have their own remote.